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A Call to Men of Godly Value

In a world filled with endless distractions, men of Godly value face a formidable adversary: the relentless assault of distraction. Satan cunningly employs various tactics to divert their focus from discovering, preparing, and deploying their original purpose and assignment in Christ. But in the face of this onslaught, there lies a call—a call to stay steadfast, vigilant, and committed to the divine path set before them. The Battle of Distraction Distraction comes in many forms—be it the allure of material possessions, the pursuit of fleeting pleasures, or the busyness that engulfs our daily lives. Each distraction poses a threat to the clarity of purpose and the fulfillment of our God-given calling. Discovering Your Purpose Central to combating distraction is the pursuit of discovering one's purpose. Every man of Godly value is uniquely crafted with a divine purpose—a purpose intricately woven into the fabric of their being by the Creator. Yet, amidst the chaos of life, it's e
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Men of Godly Values: Rediscovering Your Purpose in Christ

In a world that often promotes its own standards and expectations, it’s crucial for men of Godly values to remain steadfast in their commitment to God’s original purpose and assignment for their lives. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to question the norms of society and align ourselves with God’s expectations concerning our roles as men of Godly values. The Bible serves as our ultimate guide in understanding God’s original purpose and assignment for us as men. In Genesis 1:26-27, we are reminded that God created mankind in His image and likeness, male and female. This reveals that our identity and worth come from being created in God’s image, and our purpose is to reflect His character and values in everything we do. Furthermore, Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. This verse emphasizes that each one of us has been uniquely crafted by God for a specific purpose and assignment. As


Dear Men of Godly Value, In the tapestry of life, you stand as pillars, either as fathers and husbands or as those destined for these sacred roles. Your strength lies not just in muscle and might, but in the clarity of your direction, forged by purpose and calling in Christ. Each step you take, every decision you make, contributes to the legacy you're building. As you navigate the complexities of life, remember the profound impact of fighting the good fight of faith. It is in this struggle that you find not only strength but also the unwavering clarity of your calling. Your authority as a male figure isn't rooted in dominance but in your commitment to divine purpose. Leading your generation, guiding your wife or lover, and nurturing your family all hinge on the authenticity of your connection with your calling. Without this alignment, the compass of your leadership may falter. So, embrace the journey, seek that constant clarity, and let the light of your faith illuminate your p


Brothers, it is important for you to understand that the strenhth of your life dwells in the strength of your vision. Vision is the mental picture of the problems God has wired you to solve in the future through your purpose, calling or capacity. There is a healthy vision and unhealthy vision. A healthy vision is the type that is caught through the inspiration of God's Word in your heart. Unhealthy vision is the type that is feeds humans ego and pride. As a man, it is important for you to have a defined vision that is cultivated from God's Word. If you don't have a vision, you won't be able to feature in the future. As a man, where are you heading to in life, and what's dictating your direction in life? Is it God's personal dealings with you or human logic? Catching a vision starts with your self discovery, through the knowledge of God's Word. What do you see in the next five to twelve years from now? Whose problem are you hungry to solve? Whose pain do you


You were born a male but becoming a man is factor of a deliberate effort you must make daily through the strength of Christ.  To become the kind of man God has ordained you to become, you must understand the specific plan God ORDAINED for you. This can be done when you pay attention to God's personal dealing with you via His Word. Your first responsibility is to dwell in the presence of God. Your second responsibility is to submit to the instructions of the Father. Your third responsibility is to discover your dream (your calling or purpose or life assignment). Your third responsibility is to be intentional and diligent in your dream and produce result/solution. After all the above is in place, that's when you can think of dating/marriage.  These are not my words but how God dealt with Adam in the book of Genesis 2, before He presented a Woman to Him. So, if you think being a man is about chasing women and money. You are abusing yourself.  According to God's standard, the d

Why Are You Here?

Don't claim you don't know your divine purpose. Its an act of irresponsibility as a man for you not to having a course you are living your life for. What are the goals and plans your father could not the correction of your father. If your father was not a landlord, fight to become one. What kind of success in life and in God your father could not attain? Fight to attain them. Don't repeat the mistakes of your father. Don't give your lover the chance to complain about you the same way your mum use to complain of your dad. Don't become the kind of husband and complained about while growing up as a child.  You can do all things as you depend on the Holy Spirit. Addictions can be broken and curse can be neutralize. This is your day. Make up your mind to become the kind of man God has ordain you to become. Be different. Be responsible. Blame no body and take charge of your life through Gods Word. HOPE EXPRESSION believes in you.

Get Her A Gift

I don't support the fact that ladies to be liabilities to their lovers or husbands.....but I support the fact that you should make it a culture to buy your lover or When was the last time you gave your lover or wife....a surprise gift...appreciating her for saying yes to you.. For staying with you and loving you faithfully..... Even when she had better options but you choose you and stocked to you despise all odds. GIVE HER A SURPRISE GIFT THIS WEEKEND....this will make God to be proud of you. HOPE EXPRESSION believes in you.